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Inside this 10 day lead challenge, I’ll show you “Step-By-Step” the exact 3 phase B2B strategy that every expert coach and consultant needs to grow their business, which includes:

An Open Letter To All B2B Expert Coaches and Consultants Trying To Grow Their Business:

So you’re an Expert Coach or Consultant? You have experience and knowledge that makes you unique, valuable, and you’re excited to help make an impact with what you know, and what you can do.


How do you stand out in a sea of ‘same-same’ professionals?
How do you differentiate yourself and your service?
How do you monetise your knowledge and experience into a profitable business?
How do you get your message out into the marketplace so people see and hear you?
How do you generate leads beyond friends, colleagues, and word of mouth referrals?
How do you price your service so people pay you what you’re worth?
How do you make sales without giving away all your knowledge and expertise for free?

It’s ok – we get it! After working with over 3,000 experts in 27 different countries these are all common problems that stop good Experts creating great (and profitable) businesses! 

The good news is that in the last 8 years Rana and The Influencer Project team have helped expert coaches and consultants, like you, build highly profitable 6-7 figure lifestyle businesses.

Skeptical? Here’s proof..

$7,200 in total sales

Cracked $100k in sales in less than 90 days

Deal worth $5k closed

Landed $11k deal

$5k closed deal

New business win

Closed 2 intro calls in one call

$30k in the pipeline

4 Leads in one day!

Closed an $8,400 deal in 2 weeks

3rd $5k sale closed!

Through the process of doing that, there’s one glaring common denominator that YOU MUST OVERCOME to unlock more purpose, profit and power for your Expert Business, and thats…


People won’t buy from you, if they don’t believe in you and the biggest challenge we see is that most experts don’t start out as business and marketing Gurus.

“Yet business and marketing strategies are crucial elements to building a profitable and purposeful Expert Coaching and Consulting business.”

Most people simply don’t have the proper tools, systems, strategies and frameworks to do it.

So with that said, I’d like to teach you how to build your Expert business and in over 10 days that’s exactly what we’ll do together – are you ready for that?

The B2B Expert Lead Challenge Will Show You How To:

* Focus on building your expert influence and authority, rather than waste money on advertising or fancy tech

My Name Is Rana Saini….

I’m the ‘B2B Expert Builder’. I help B2B experts turn their knowledge and experience into 6 – 7 figure lifestyle businesses.

And in 10 days I want to take you Step-by-step through the exact systems that I developed that allowed me to grow from $0 to over $83,000 per MONTH in my FIRST YEAR as an expert using nothing more than One LinkedIn Profile, Outbound Email and a Simple Social Content Strategy – there is no reason why you can’t do the same – let me show you how!


Having a successful business isn’t about having flashy clients or a fancy funnel with automations.

When I first started I had NOTHING, except a passion to help people and a desire to make money on my own terms.

If you’re still reading, I’m guessing you’re probably in the same boat.

“I went from an idea and $0 to hitting my first $83,000 a month without spending a tonne of money on ads, or needing a fancy website or a ferrari.”

I started out with 2 things… belief I could make a difference in people’s lives, and big goals for my own.

I didn’t have a big email database, coaching skills, a business degree, sales experience, marketing qualifications, social media following, rich parents…

You name it, I didn’t have it…

And it wasn’t a fluke, it was by design. I took action. Made some progress. Failed a lot. Learned what to do. Learned what not to do. Made money. Lost money. Invested in coaches and mentors. Built a team. Built a business.

I’ve taught literally hundreds of coaches that have done the exact same thing and gone on to become leaders in their marketplace.

I’m going to teach you the exact same strategies in my 10 Day Challenge.

The best thing about my process?

You don’t need to have a fancy website
You don’t need to have a complicated marketing funnel

All you need is 10 days of focus, a commitment to take action, humility to be held accountable, desire to implement, a passion to help people and, wait for it… to be comfortable making money doing it!

The strategies I’m going to teach you through the next 10 days can change everything for the trajectory of your business.

When you start the challenge here’s what’s going to happen:

You’ll start by dialling in, shaping and planning out your expert offer.

This is critical because the clarity creates confidence, and that both are essential for the longevity of your business.

Then this happens next…

You’ll start Attracting Leads Like Crazy!

Clients want to work with an expert that is clear and confident about their message and their offer.

Regardless of how many clients you’ve worked with in the past, or how established your business is, you can learn how to attract people that want to learn from YOU!

You’ll be surprised how quickly your confidence, capability and cashflow snowballs from there.

Now Let’s Talk About What You’re Going To Get In The Challenge!

The 10 Day Expert B2B Lead Challenge focuses on simplifying your unique skills and strengths, then packaging these up into core business frameworks and strategies to take your business to the next level.

You’ll get access to our proven systems, templates and frameworks as well as step-by-step action-steps and accountability to makes sure you’re set up with everything you need to:

The opportunities are literally waiting for you to find, and in 10 days we’ll show you where they are and how to bring them into your expert business, just like this….

Gained a client from the challenge


Great insight

Far out exceeds the $5 payment

Awesome marketing tips and sales scripts

Got overwhelming engagements through the challenge

Effective framework for your business

Awesome sales script

Super clear on the business money model

Achieved more in 10 days

Great experience

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

So The 10 Day Challenge is Only $5 – Seems Too Cheap, What’s The Catch?

I figure by revealing our strategy, by being transparent about what has worked for us and what hasn’t you’d be able to not only get some quick wins and see results, but you’ll also that know we are the real deal and we can start the relationship off on the right foot and potentially do some more work together down the track.

To be honest, after you register, there is an offer to upgrade your experience for $97 which gives you higher level support, advanced resources, and access to a community so you’ve got everything you need around you to get results faster. It’s easily worth 10 times the amount!

But no pressure – $5 is fine!

“So give me 10 days of your time, commitment, energy and focus and you’ll learn how to easily generate consistent leads and social sales for your business using our B2B Strategy.”

Sounds fair?


Listen, 10 days is a small investment of your time if your goal is to build a highly profitable expert business.

The next 10 days will be filled with a lot of hard work. This challenge not only teaches you how to create your own success, but helps you implement each step so you’re in control the whole way and your results will be a reflection of your effort… meaning you’ll be saving time accomplishing what you’d have to do in the future anyway and like anything in life, what you put in determines what you get out.

If you’re serious about growing your expert business then it’s time to prove it by taking action and doing something about it. Your business isn’t going to build itself… yet 😉

TLDR – Too Long Didn’t Read…. But you’re here 🙂

It’s called the 10 Day Expert B2B Lead Challenge – speaks for itself really doesn’t it?

Inside this 10 day lead challenge I’ll show you “Step-By-Step” the exact 3 phase B2B strategy that every expert coach and consultant needs to grow their business, which includes:

Give me 10 days of commitment, focus and determination and I’ll give you everything you need to take your expert business to the next level – for only $5!